Real estate consultancy and project management for foreigners in Slovakia

We are a team of experienced professionals in different areas of real estate ready to help you with your project in Slovakia. We know that entering a new market might make it difficult for you to achieve anything in the jungle of unclear requirements and obligations, clerks who do not speak your language, or suppliers mostly trying to take advantage of the fact that you are a foreigner.

We will not only eliminate the disadvantages of not knowing the language or local procedures, but will also be your local partner. We will communicate with local suppliers and offices, perform all necessary procedures on your behalf, and give you the expertise needed to achieve your goals.

Whether you are in your home country or already living in Slovakia, we will handle your project professionally, maintaining close communication with you and make sure all the services are provided at the standard local costs.

We can also help in other areas, if necessary, to make your experience in Slovakia as hassle-free as possible.

In the past seven years, we have helped a number of clients from different countries, and with many of them, we created long-term partnerships based on proficiency and reliability.

Please consult our services list to see how we can help you, or simply send us an email explaining the services you need.